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About Us

All of these novelties engender in each of us a desire to "try it out. It is always very practical to test a new everyday "item" by renting it before buying it.

We are the benchmark today for premium electric vehicle rentals like Tesla; in search of the latest models, our company offers high-performance electric vehicles at the cutting edge of innovation. All of their hybrid or 100% electric models are upscale and have a low impact on the environment. You will find them all at T-rent!

Fleet of more than 130 cars

Parking and refueling at our expense

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The fastest car delivery anywhere in the city and out of town.


The best pricing policy in accordance with the cost, rental time and class of the car.


There are 24-hour operators who can answer any question you may have.


Our cars

Tesla Model S

from $0.10 a minute

The TESLA Model S is a luxury electric sedan from TESLA: an electric car that is both a family car and a sports car.

Tesla Model X

from $0.12 a minute

A key feature of the model is the automatic gull wing-shaped doors, which Tesla calls "falcon wings" because the door is not a rigid L-shape, but a bend with a variable angle.

Tesla Model 3

from $0.09 a minute

The car has two trunks, panoramic glazing, and a 15-inch touchscreen that completely replaced the dashboard.

Tesla Model Y

from $0.11 a minute

TESLA also offers the TESLA Model Y electric off-road vehicle, model 2021. It may be the most versatile electric car to date.


How to leave a reservation request?

You can use one of the methods: leave a request on the site, call our number, write to e-mail

What are the ways to get a car?

You can pick up the car from our office, order address delivery or delivery to the airport

What are the requirements for the driver?

Age from 23 years, official driving experience from 2 years

Which cars to return?

You can do it in our office or order a selection in the city, including at the airport.